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Issues with Transportation
Hope Mills Speaks Up


General Comments

  • Demands for roads and new lanes seems much greater than the town or hiway Dept can deal with. Not sure there is a way to remedy this without stopping all growth. I think everyone is doing as well as possible under the circumstances.
  • The traffic is out of control!
  • Currently, I am most concerned with congestion and the rough conditions of the roads.
  • Concern: Congestion and the medians
  • Overall traffic congestion, many of the roads are one way in and out. Lack of sidewalks. Lack of roads to led to direct access to Fayetteville.
  • Concerns: Access to businesses along the route as well as the flow of traffic.
  • Concern: Traffic.
  • Suggestion: widening of roads
  • Nothing will improve as long as the train tracks go over Main Street.
  • The design with the medians are the demise of local businesses and cause extreme exasperation of drivers.
  • Create a greenway/sidewalk network from town destinations to the lake and town hall/rec center
  • Area between Golfview Rd and Rockfish Creek: good spot for a park, public rec area, etc.
  • Hope Mills Lake, NC 162: provide trails
  • Hope mill traffic is an absolute nightmare. I avoid it at all costs. I even travel out of my way and shop elsewhere to avoid it. Its horrible.
  • I live less than a quarter mile outside of Hope Mills on Cameron road. I would say that I do 90-95% off my shopping inside Hope Mills. I can understand and applaud the town for constantly looking for ways to improve the lives and travels of people in Hope Mills.

Road Specific Comments

See also:

  • Increase capacity on NC 59 through various intersection improvements, divert more traffic to NC 162 to better increase use of the Hope Mills bypass, and provide a better route to the south linking Parkton Rd/NC 59 intersection to Golfview Rd, then to Camden Rd.
  • I travel Golfview Rd to Blackbridge home everyday for the most part. I could take this route or Rockfish to Blackbridge--either way the traffic is very, very congested.
  • The lane markings are too close to the intersection of Camden Road and Hope Mills Road. If motorists could see what lane they need to be in via road signs and lane markings much further back than they are now, motorists would have a greater chance of being in the correct lane when they arrive at the intersection. This may have a positive impact of the traffic in the intersection.
  • The white lines on Hope Mills Road in front of SECU need to be repainted-very misleading and dangerous. Congestion very bad on Main St. Also Golfview Road where the gold course used to be is very congested in the mornings.
  • Hope Mills Road by the dam can get very congested during rush hour.
  • NC 59 needs less congestion for mobility and safety reasons.
  • Suggestion: Direct (with signage) traffic through NC 162 vs NC 59 to get to US 301 from Bingham Drive rather than turning onto NC 59 through Hope Mills. Also, on I-95/US 301 end-use signage to direct traffic to US 401 on NC 162 rather than NC 59.
  • Since I travel down Parkton Rd to reach Main St, I have noticed that the light does not give enough time for travelers making a left turn and entering Hope Mills. During peak hours, it is not uncommon for me to have to wait for a couple of light changes even when fairly close to the traffic light.
  • I would like to see a street system change in a way to bypass the through town traffic from going under the train tracks and through the heart of town or figure a way to make it four lanes.
  • The town should explore the possibility of widening the road through the downtown part of town.
  • One way Main St and use Ellison as opposite way. Signage to send trucks to 162. Make Main Street business 59 and 162 bypass.
  • Camden/Rockfish: Need it widened.
  • Camden/State: Please give Food Lion a exit at State Street (back of Wendy's/Food Lion) with a light. If you are in Hope Mills Food Lion you can not exit to go down to Camden Rd toward Raeford! You have to exit Walmart!!
  • NC 59/Golfview: Needs a right-turning lane again.
  • Golfview/Rockfish: The right turn lane from Golfview on to Rockfish needs to be extended.
  • NC 59/Parkton: The traffic light at the intersection of parkton rd and s main st should allow a longer time during peak hours.
  • NC 59/Camden: Left hand two turn lanes (on to Hope Mills Rd) are not accessible as traffic backs up in the lane the continues on Camden Rd beyond the light. Currently the two lanes on Camden Rd SW towards Hope Mills road are designated Straight and right turn. This creates a massive backup as many cars are trying to make it to the two left turn lanes and are unable. This also creates an issue in people will aggressively drive in the right (turn only) lane and then cut other drivers off or skip ahead in the left hand (straight lane). Solution: The two southwest bound lanes on Camden Rd (Headed toward Hope Mills Rd) need to be changed so that the left hand lane routes traffic towards the two left turn lanes and the right hand lane is for Straight and Right turn only.
  • NC 59/Walmart: Create a road that connect the NEW Lowes to the Walmart.
  • NC 59/Johnson/Fountain: Very difficult to gain access to Hope Mills Rd at this intersection. Does not matter if you are going right or left, but left turn is much worse coming off of Fountain Lane. Likewise trying to turn off of Hope Mills Rd onto the side streets on either side is extremely difficult.
  • Golfview/Rockfish:Golfview / Blacksbridge Rd traffic insane. If further development is to occur that requires this thoroughfare this road must be widened or alternate road built to reduce the bottleneck that occurs at Golfview and Rockfish Rd.
  • NC 59/Rockfish: Need to extend right hand turn lane - Rockfish Rd to N Main St.
  • NC 59/RR underpass: widen RR underpass.
  • NC 162 between town limits and Sand Hills Rd:Provide better access to I-95, promote traffic onto Hope Mills bypass by linking to Sandhills Rd in Grays Creek next to Walmart Dist Center-Production Rd.
  • Rockfish/Golfview, NC 59/Golfview:increase intersection capacity.
  • RR at Rockfish Creek crossing, Camden/Rockfish: build new road linking Parkton Rd and Golfview Rd and linking Golfview Rd and Camden Rd.
  • Rockfish/Golfview: widening or road but no medians. Widen to the side with larger yards.
  • NC 59/NC 162: provide signs to direct through traffic and trucks to use NC 162 as bypass.
  • The 2 areas I think need the most attention are the CXS railroad bridge over Hwy 59/N Main St and the intersection of Camden and Hwy 59/N Main St. The railroad bridge needs to be widened, everyone knows this yet it never comes up. The intersection of Camden and N Main St needs to be reworked from the bridge over the Little Rockfish Creek all the way to Thomas Street.
  • Needs to be a light to turn left onto I-95 to go North or exit off I-95. During peak hours the traffic leaving Grey's Creek coming to Hope Mills is continuous and creates a dangerous situation when drivers jet out in front of people.

Walkabilty Comments

  • Please make sure there are safe intersections for pedestrians who are walking to be able to cross the street safely by installing crosswalks with proper signal changing equipment. Also there should be sidewalks to walk along both sides of the road to keep pedestrians safe and out of the road.
  • Need more sidewalks.
  • More pedestrian friendly.
  • Not enough sidewalks.
  • Pedestrians need much safer facilities to walk on.
  • I would like to see sidewalks on all major roads to keep pedestrians safe when walking.
  • Need sidewalks.
  • I would like to focus the improvements on a walkable community with special interest on school zones and recreation areas.
  • Legion Rd between Lakeview and NC 162: need sidewalk to connect Legion to Cameron and to Lakeview, then to NC 59.
  • Golfview Rd south of Rockfish Rd: no sidewalks.
  • Cameron/Legion, Legion Rd north of Lakeview Rd, Trade/Ellison: need sidewalks.
  • Need crosswalks at schools

Bicycle Mode Comments

  • There is not enough room on the roads for bicycles and vehicles.
  • No safe zones for bicyclists.
  • Golfview Rd south of Rockfish Rd: bicycle safety at night, no sidewalks.
  • Rockfish Creek:biking/trails in greenways along rivers

Motor Vehicle Mode Comments

  • I travel Golfview Rd to Blackbridge home everyday for the most part. I could take this route or Rockfish to Blackbridge-either way the traffic is very, very congested.
  • Concern: Roads that back up during peak traffic hours
  • Concerned for Safety of school children. Congestion.
  • Although the markings are temporary, the lane markings in front of lowes are misleading, and are unsafe. It is difficult to tell how the lane widens and narrows in that area. It is also difficult to figure out where to turn at the Lowes (and other businesses here). Since the parking lots are not connected, it makes it more difficult to navigate this area, especially if you need to go into more then one place.
  • NC 59 south of RR crossing: need more parking in historical district.
  • Hope Mills Lake, Hope Mills Municipal Park: additional parking needed.

Transit Comments

  • Public transportation would be a major help to get citizens to work, school, and stores.
  • Transportation for the disabled(physically and developmentally disabled).
  • Suggestion: Use a contractor for public transit, which would make the service in the best interest of the town. And the twon would have better flexibility when it came to making changes to routes without going through much red tape. Cost would be significantly lower with a contractor as well. FYI the Town of Spring Lake currently transports approx 1,400 passengers/month (M-F during morning/evening commutes). The service connects with FAST buses at a connector.
  • Hopefully transit will be added.
  • Suggestion: Planned routes for future public transportation.
  • I would like to see one fixed route bus line for the residents to access the mall area from Hope Mills. Even if the service only runs on the weekends, that would be a start. This will also decrease congestion.
  • Need a bus/shuttle system for those with diabailities.
  • Public transportation is needed.
  • Include transit opportunities.
  • NC 59/Walmart: Need public transit.
  • Camden Rd at movie theater & Rockfish Rd/Johnson St: bus stop locations.
  • Need transit from Hope Mills to the Cumberland County Courthouse,


  • Need public transportation
  • Golfview Road congested
  • Add sidewalks
  • School children safety
  • Increase capacity on NC 59
  • Traffic congestion
  • Divert traffic from NC 59 to NC 162
  • Improve Camden/Rockfish
  • Improve access on Camden Road